MoT+++ is an independent, artist-run space in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. we collaborate with artists to create an experimental environment that encourages artists to push the boundaries of their practice.

A. Farm
an international art residency in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

MoT sound
mot | mọt | termite
‘when termites are threatened or disturbed, they communicate by banging their heads against the walls of their tunnels. this creates a dry rattling that human ears can hear. termites, however, cannot hear audible noises, they react to the vibration they feel..’
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+1 contemporary project
mot | mốt | fashionable
space exhibiting the works of local and international artists
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+1 nice place for experimentation
mot | mót | urge
that encourages artists to investigate less traditional working methods
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+1 museum by any other name
mot | mót | hoard
hosting one work, in one place anywhere in the world
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+1 library
mọt | mọt sách | bookworm
a small collection of books and exhibition ephemera
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+1 collective
MoT+++ artist collective
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+1 residency
supporting and connecting artists in Vietnam and abroad
+1 artist-in-residence
+1 exchange
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+1 art advisory
building and managing art collections
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+1 trash ♻ ?
collecting trash is always an act to make the world a better place
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mot | một | one
actions outside the MoT+++ space
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