+1 trash ♻ ?

collecting trash is always an act to make the world a better place
thu gom rác luôn là một hành vi làm đẹp cho đời

MoT+++’s former office space is converted into trash ♻ ?, an art warehouse where local and international artists drop off their favourite works with the hope of reaching out to collectors. artworks selected and consigned by artists will be on view casually, in real life and virtually, for the indefinite future.

+1 trash ?♻️ art warehouse at Saigon Domaine will open in an ongoing series of gatherings to be held every Tuesday and Friday night from 6-9pm. twice a week we will turn MoT+++ into a small salon open casually for anyone interested to join us looking through artworks from exhibitions past – an exercise in both the recycling of artworks and ideas, and rediscovering forgotten beauty. we hope to see you sometime.

« art is among few virtues of human trash
nghệ thuật là một trong số ít rác rưởi có đạo đức của loài người »
Cam Xanh

view our virtual trash ♻ ? here