+A. Farm

established in 2018, A. Farm is an international art residency located in District 12 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. it is a collaborative project by the Nguyen Art Foundation, and art organisations Sàn Art and MoT+++. formed from a converted scent export factory, the space reimagines its history in the intermingling of local and visiting artists. it acts as a satellite to Saigon’s art scene, ideal for artists who seek a self-directed residency with independence to focus on their work, whilst also benefiting from easy access to the city centre and the joint support of Sàn Art and MoT+++.

A. Farm is collaboratively managed by the arts organizations the Nguyen Art Foundation, MoT+++ and Sàn Art.

For events and more information, check https://www.facebook.com/a.farm.saigon/