+1 museum by any other name

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hosting one work, in one place anywhere in the world

the +1 museum by any other name is a constantly evolving project from MoT+++ that exhibits single artworks in unpredictable locations, for a minimum of one year. evoking the politics of site-specificity and duration, +1 museum artworks use the idiosyncrasies of setting and extended experience of their presence, to create intimate and ongoing conversations with their audiences.

by taking the name of the museum, the project questions the role and form of institutions in society, the rise of the exhibition as event, and challenges the standard format of a two-month show period that is now ubiquitous globally. as an alternative, the museum’s artworks are considered carefully and critically in relation to the history and character of each selected place, and encouraged to stay exhibited for as long as possible. as the museum grows worldwide, it creates multiple entry points for exploring the representation and interpretation of art—finding its strength in being simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. it works outside of conventional settings to reject the traditions of the institution and its art, and instead seeks its audiences beyond these accepted boundaries.