+1 museum by any other name

mot | mót | hoard

‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ – Shakespeare

‘a rose is a rose is a rose’ – Gertrude Stein

the +1 museum by any other name exhibits a single artwork into a location for a minimum of one year. these critically chosen installations use duration to challenge the experience of the artwork, audience and environment as their relationships change over time.

as a concept, it challenges the core idea of today’s so-called Museum of Art or Art itself. by exhibiting artworks outside of conventional settings, it questions both the role and form of institutions in society, and uses its rhizomatic growth worldwide to create multiple entry points for exploring the representation and interpretation of art; +1 museum by any other name finds its strength in being simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.

Mọt, translated to Vietnamese, means “termite”, and MoT+++ takes further inspiration from its namesake and its ubiquitous spread across the globe. +1 museum by any other name artworks thus acts like delegates, networking each one’s labour to become a sum of parts that are larger than its whole. this action is achieved where artworks are hosted by locations that extend their meaning, drawing the idiosyncrasies of each space into the conversation.

+1 museum by any other name locations

artwork – artist – space – place

1. untitled installation, Cam Xanh, Scent-making factory, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2. It seems to be, Dao Tung, Hoàng Thị- phân đà Mùa Hè Tan Nát, Coffee Shop, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

3. part 1 “entrances”, Cian Duggan, the street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; part 2 “exit”, forthcoming, Cian Duggan, floating museum by Dao Tung, Hue, Vietnam

4. forthcoming Kim Duy, Federal Studio, Geneva, Switzerland