The quick spread of Covid-19 highlighted the world’s complex connectivity and the border closures and travel restrictions forced countries, estates and cities into isolation. This sui generis situation caught millions of travellers outside their home countries, with few or no options to return. A. Farm, an international art residence located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam was also affected by both the global pandemic and national lockdown and one wonders how this unprecedented situation might have impacted the flow of the residency.

The contrast between connection and isolation raises questions about the fragility of our networks and highlights our common identity as humans. Seven artists, five different nationalities, one world.

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Participant Artists:
Chu Hao Pei
Cian Duggan
Le Phi Long
Luke Schneider
Ly Trang
Nghia Dang
Saverio Tonoli

One World virtual exhibition was curated by MoT+++ team for the ANCER Conference 2020: Disruption as Opportunity.