little night of performances
Thursday December 19, 2019
7pm @ MoT+++

performance plus 2019

MoT+++’s performance plus 2019 final week brings an extra evening of performances. local and international resident artists will take over the space in a celebration and exploration of the performance medium.

performers include:
Le Phuong Nhi
Maria Sowter
Do Nguyen Lap-Xuan
Samira Jamouchi

Le Phuong Nhi – ‘You are on my mind’ performance #2

The artist invites audience to join a journey to her mind. One spectator can use a flashlight to illuminate the room to see the performer, and then can pass it to others.
Audience are asked to move slowly, keep silent and not to interact with the performer.

Maria Sowter – ‘The Diary of Anais Nin volume two: sometimes looking out is looking in’

part two in a continuing performance by the artist where she takes each volume of Anais Nin’s diary and deconstructs it by copying its contents out in random order. the performance addresses themes of authorship, reproduction and subjectivity. reworking the narrative through arbitrary associations and chance, it questions the written form’s ability to represent the temporality and dynamism of lived experience, and reaches for what is lost when we are forced to communicate in a formulaic structure.

Do Nguyen Lap-Xuan & Samira Jamouchi – [While I am thinking about you and what you are doing]

A performative conversation between two people, two countries, two journeys and their liminal encounters. This is the first public experimentation in the performative talk series “While I am thinking about you…”— a series unfolding our performative actions between the unknowns and the knowns in our art-based research.

for performance plus 2019, five big day of performances scheduled weekly create a symposium style exploration of the performance medium.

the original big day of performances took place in May 2018, as part of MoT+++’s inaugural six-month long performance plus programme. big day of performances have become a reoccurring event that brings together multiple and simultaneous performances from selected local and international artists-in-residence.

performance plus 2019 is supported by Asia-Europe Foundation – ASEF Mobility First!, Norwegian Crafts and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
in partnership with A. Farm