series 02: Chao 9
performance plus 2019

what: porridge/white rice soup, cooked and served with compassion and love by contemporary artists, art writers, curators, in an art-space with non-artistic interactive personages.
where: MoT+++, Saigon Domaine, 1057 Đường Bình Quới, Phường 28, Bình Thạnh, HCMC
when: 9pm, Tuesday December 10, 2019
cooked and served by: Cam Xanh with guest artist Aliansyah Caniago

ChaoArt recipe
1 cup of Cam Xanh’s sweet rice
2 cups of guest artist’s scented rice
30 cups of city’s tap water
a pinch of curatorial fairy salt

rice is soaked in cool water over night, then boiled, salted and slow-cooked for 2-3 hours until ready to serve

1/ memberships
2/ reserved customers
3/ guests of honour
4/ the hungry who can’t afford foods
6/ visitors who love Chao/Art but don’t pay can watch/eat then pay/don’t-pay at leaving
5/ contemporary project staffs pay by labour
6/ cultural & gastronomist tourists

about the performance:
ChaoArt|ArtChao is a recurring performance from Cam Xanh with serving help from guest artists for each edition. this edition, ‘Chao 9’, is the second performance of the series. the first performance ‘Detox’ took place at the original space on Dong Khoi, D1 for one week in January 2016. after the performance the remaining Chao and saliva is collected from participants bowls and used to create a ChaoArt planet from that day.

about the artists:
Cam Xanh (real name: Tran Thanh Ha, b.1977) is a conceptual artist from Vietnam based in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). she co-founded the Post Vidai Collection—the first collection dedicated to contemporary Vietnamese art—in 2004 and has acted as its Director / Curator since then. in 2014 she co-founded the Dia Projects which morfed into MoT+++. she began making art in 2012 under the pseudonym Cam Xanh and has exhibited en Vietnam and internationally. her artist name Cam Xanh, which translates as Green Orange, exemplifies the minimalist and playful nature of her works.

Aliansyah Caniago (b.1987, Indonesia) is a visual and performance artist whose work often takes a socially engaged or activist perspective. Since studying painting at the Bandung Institute of Technology Faculty for Art and Design he has participated in multiple international performance art workshops across Asia and Europe. he is known for interventions and site-specific projects that seek to incorporate art within society, using public spaces to enable audience participation. Aliansyah is a co-founder of the artist collective space Ruang Gerilya in Bandung, Indonesia, which functions as a platform for artists interested in experimentation, process and research. He is a winner of the Bandung Contemporary Art Award. he joined the MoT+++ collective based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2018.

performance plus 2019 is supported by Asia-Europe Foundation – ASEF Mobility First!, Norwegian Crafts and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
in partnership with A. Farm