big day of performances #3
Sunday December 7, 2019
4-7pm @ MoT

performance plus 2019

the third day of performances is part of MoT+++’s 1 month long performance plus programme. the event is part of MoT+++’s five week programme on performance art featuring both weekly and one-off events. the programme includes over fifteen artists in residence from an international selection via an Open Call.

the original big day of performances took place in May 2018, as part of MoT+++’s inaugural six-month long performance plus programme. big day of performances have become a reoccurring event that brings together multiple and simultaneous performances from selected local and international artists-in-residence. the event is characterised by multiple and simultaneous performances taking place inside and around the MoT+++ gallery and garden.

Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn
Dang Thuy Anh
Aliansyah Caniago
Cam Xanh
Shayekh Mohammed Arif

Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn

sitting on the floor it surrounded itself with a selection of objects forming a clock-like circle around it. over the course of the performance it examined and interacted with each of the items, inspecting them thoroughly before acting upon them. at times it would rub the object into the floor, or use it as a stand for another object or to place under the flaking floor material. considered movements were often interchanged with outburst like moments that displaced the original circle of objects. having come to a stand over the course of the performance it unrolled a roll of aluminium cooking foil before unsuccessfully attempting to roll a coconut husk down its extended silver body. using firm gestures it compacted the objects into a single amalgamated mass to complete the performance.

duration: 2 hours
objects used: rocks, bricks, construction rubbles, aluminium foil, rubber band, map of vietnam, found mouse sculpture, chalk, mirror shards

Dang Thuy Anh & Flinh ‘The confrontation’

from the artist
duration: 30 minutes
action: Standing on 2 sides of the glass panel, face to face. Then drawing the outline shape of one another onto the glass, using black marker. While drawing the line, artists have to use hand and body to keep the glass panel stand still.

Aliansyah Caniago

taking a piece of chalk in both his left and write hand Alin proceeded to begin writing ‘I CAN’ with his left and ‘I CAN’T’ with his right. beginning at the same time, Alin wrote the right-hand side ‘I CAN’T’ starting with the T and the same time as starting with the I on his left hand side. the performance continue in this way with Alin adding in other words such as ‘GOOD’ and ‘WRITE’ before drawing in two large circular motions across the canvas. he then removed the canvas from the wall and rolled it up to end the performance.

Cam Xanh

quantum theory, mechanics, reality
why string theory isn’t possible            
probabilistic description {0~1}        
philosophically disturbing        
entanglement [me~me]      
uncertainty inescapable  
probability, field, levitation    
holographic principal    
void, vacuum                            
binary, waveforms
what about us
empty space
till death tear us apart

over the course of 58 minutes Cam Xanh made her way around the MoT+++ main gallery space as if levitating, using two small silver stool only as stepping stones. each step to the next stool came with a 180 degree rotation, where the artist would alternate between facing the wall and facing the room. between this action she marked the wall above her head with either the number 0 or 1 respectively, using in an almost imperceptible white pen. the performance took place in the dark and she wore a wedding dress covered in rhinestones that glittered in the audience’s phone flashlights and outside light sources entering the space through the windows.

Shayekh Mohammed Arif

sound artist Sheyekh used his two week residency at A. Farm to collect sounds from around the space, as well as from the city streets and his interactions with its people. his performance used these sounds to create a soundscape for listeners that captured part of the city’s audible essence.

performance plus 2019 is supported by Asia-Europe Foundation – ASEF Mobility First!, Norwegian Crafts and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
in partnership with A. Farm