big day of performances #2
Sunday December 1, 2019
4-7pm @ MoT

performance plus 2019

the second day of performances is part of MoT+++’s 1 month long performance plus programme. the event is part of MoT+++’s five week programme on performance art featuring both weekly and one-off events. the programme includes over fifteen artists in residence from an international selection via an Open Call.

the original big day of performances took place in May 2018, as part of MoT+++’s inaugural six-month long performance plus programme. big day of performances have become a reoccurring event that brings together multiple and simultaneous performances from selected local and international artists-in-residence. the event is characterised by multiple and simultaneous performances taking place inside and around the MoT+++ gallery and garden.

Ayumi Adachi
Chung Nguyen
Oanh Nguyen
Tieu Thinh
Doan Thanh Toan
Le Phuong Nhi
Zach Sch

Ayumi Adachi – ‘Line’

following a week long performance in the MoT+++ back room, Ayumi took down her installation as part of the big day of performances #2.

Chung Nguyen – ‘The Sack’

Chung joined big day of performances #2 with a second edition of his performance ‘The Sack’. this time Chung was joined by two other performers: Oanh Nguyen and Tieu Thinh.

Doan Thanh Toan

Le Phuong Nhi

Zach Sch

performance plus 2019 is supported by Asia-Europe Foundation – ASEF Mobility First!, Norwegian Crafts and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
in partnership with A. Farm