big day of performances #2
Sunday December 1, 2019
4-7pm @ MoT

performance plus 2019

the second day of performances is part of MoT+++’s 1 month long performance plus programme. the event is part of MoT+++’s five week programme on performance art featuring both weekly and one-off events. the programme includes over fifteen artists in residence from an international selection via an Open Call.

the original big day of performances took place in May 2018, as part of MoT+++’s inaugural six-month long performance plus programme. big day of performances have become a reoccurring event that brings together multiple and simultaneous performances from selected local and international artists-in-residence. the event is characterised by multiple and simultaneous performances taking place inside and around the MoT+++ gallery and garden.

Ayumi Adachi
Chung Nguyen
Oanh Nguyen
Tieu Thinh
Doan Thanh Toan
Le Phuong Nhi
Zach Sch

Ayumi Adachi – ‘Line’

following a week long performance in the MoT+++ back room, Ayumi took down her installation as part of the big day of performances #2.

Ayumi Adachi’s installation artwork express with site and time specific by low technical material. She is deeply inspired by nature and human life circulation with concept of time axis “setsuna”(1). From her in-depth observation on how our time axis encounter with nature, she interprets the relationship through art.

We are repeating the endless “born live, die” each Ksana (setsuna) =0.013”(2). We are repeating living and death….
If the exhaled breath does not absorb at the next moment, we will die…
If you cannot breathe inhaled breath…
As such, our life is impermanent…

Presenting the creative process of installation works expressed by only the paper to the audience, we can experience The present and accumulation of “setsuna”, and I call all process is Performance.

(1) “Setsuna” is Japanese pronounce of Kasana (see note 2).
(2)[ Ksana (setsuna) = 0.013 seconds]

In Buddhism, they use a Sanskrit word “ksana” to measure time, which is a tiny unit of time. Such a small amount of time that all kinds of things happen eludes our conscious awareness. And this amount of time is approximately one seventy-fifth of a second, i.e. 0.013s. In each 0.013 second (= ksana), “Born, Live, Die” loop cycles keep recurring in human consciousness in one Ksana = 0.013 second.

Chung Nguyen – ‘The Sack’

Chung joined big day of performances #2 with a second edition of his performance ‘The Sack’. this time Chung was joined by two other performers: Oanh Nguyen and Tieu Thinh.

‘The Sack’ is a series of performances, in which Chung explores the interplay between a sack with different bodies and identities, and the interaction of performer, viewer, private space, and social media. A sack is an everyday object can be seen in the street markets of Saigon. As a witness, it stores the images, stories, and culture of daily life.

‘The Sack’ has been presented as a work in progress at the American Dance Festival- International Choreographers Residency Program (North Carolina, USA) and Para//el Performance Space (Brooklyn, USA). At Performance Plus 2019, The Sack will bear witness to the artist’s body, other performers, and their interaction in the space of MoT+++.

Doan Thanh Toan

A meditation on the lonesome pursuit of self-reconciliation. A response to Ocean Vuong’s confrontation with memories and present. The body means war. How do we head forward when the body churns in the past? Living in an unforgiving, unreconcilable world, loneliness becomes a mode of existence. This performance is an exploration of such state of living, where forgetting is impossible, confronting is painful, and yet we have no choice but always seeking beauty as a guiding light. 

Le Phuong Nhi – ‘You Are On My Mind’

participants were invited to give a Nhi a song by either replying to her open call online or at the time of the performance. she asked participants simply to name a song that had been stuck in their heads recently to listen to with her/others during the performance.

Zach Sch

Zach conducted a ten minute sound performance utilising a plastic saxophone. the performance was improvised over a written piece.

about Zach Sch and Ran Cap Duoi’s piece ‘Like Water Which Nurtures All Things Without Trying To’:

Inspired by our collective’s surroundings, Taoist imagery depicting the beginning of nothingness and everything, as well as in collaboration with the estate of a deceased Korean Pansori singer, this piece (conceptually part of a spatially oriented installation) seeks to construct the sound of falling into a whirlpool of oblivion. Contextually the exact verse of inspiration is: “Yet mystery and reality emerge from the same source. This source is called darkness. Darkness born from darkness. The beginning of all understanding.” However in order to convey the exact nature and aberrancy of the situation, sounds both primal and otherworldly were chosen to bombard and recede as rapidly as they appear looping around and at times disappearing never to be heard again. Wails of instruments and splintering boulders shower down to be resolved by clamoring gong and inarticulate voice. Made using self programmed software and instruments we made ourselves.

performance plus 2019 is supported by Asia-Europe Foundation – ASEF Mobility First!, Norwegian Crafts and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
in partnership with A. Farm