performance plus 2019

“I am an artist who works in performance art and movement educator based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

I trained at Vietnam Dance College for seven years in genres including Ballet, Contemporary Dance, and Vietnamese Folk Dance, and debuted in 2009.In the early career, I worked at Arabesque Dance Company (Vietnam), T.H.E Dance Company (Singapore), and Cinevox Junior Company (Switzerland), and was awarded a special prize at the Korea International Modern Dance Competition. 

My works focus on the collaboration between the body, objects, and the viewers in relation to the actions, spaces and materialities in everyday life. For each performance, I encourage the viewers to create their own way to see the performance, and open a space for both performer and viewer to experience themselves in. Through this process, what is interesting is the co-created situation between the body, objects, the viewers, and spaces, that leaves questions of how would they co-perform in / experience my work.
I have been working as an independent artist since 2017, and completed artist-in residencies at Deep in the Mountains (Korea), Southeast Asia Choreolab (Malaysia), The International Choreographers Residency-American dance Festival (USA), Asian Cultural Council-Kelola Southeast Asia Network (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), and performed as a guest artist in community project Memento Mori (Vietnam).”

photo by Lam Hieu