performance plus 2019

as a performing artist and theorist, Đoàn Thanh Toàn (he him/they them) finds dance at the convergence of community, justice, and feminist queer world-making. all bodies carry histories, intersectional identities, and stories – Doan’s works acknowledge and empower the arrays that dancers’ bodies lie on. while focusing on politicized realities, he also seeks values in the nature of movements and emotional exchange between the choreographer, dancers, and audience. simultaneously, Doan challenges western modes of modern/contemporary dance. decolonizing expression of dance becomes one important factor in his aesthetic visions. his recurring artistic themes includes bodily integrity, queer healing, and resistive desires.

Toan has worked with choreographers Ananya Chatterjea, Patricia Brown, and Wynn Fricke (United States). in 2019, Toan’s solo “We Were Born Soft” was chosen to perform at the Gala concert of American College Dance Association’s North-Central Regional Conference. they recently graduated from Macalester College (U.S) with a BA in International Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. upon this return, Toan is excited to be part of the vibrant arts community of Viet Nam.

image courtesy of Ananya Dance Theatre