From the artist: ‘At the beginning of my practice, I have been thinking about space, demarcations, and overlaps between spaces. Through observations carried out in Bangkok, I have noticed the ambiguity that resulted from the overlaps between private and public spaces. Now, I want to learn more in ranges of the idea about the ambiguity of a physical space, whether it be landscape, area, place. that I can see, hear, or even sense from the area. This includes the theoretical scape and non-physical such as theory, story, rumor, folklore, and other kinds of oral history, that I encountered with. I want to know how these fragments are connected together creating characteristic of the “Place”.’ Khajohnsri studied graduated from the King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang department of Fine Arts in 2016, he got the Young Thai Artists Award for Photography the same year. He has exhibited his work in both Thailand and Germany.