visual and performance artist Aliansyah Caniago was born in 1987 in Tangerang, Indonesia. he studied painting at Bandung Institute of Technology Faculty Art and Design and he participated in many performance art workshops with Boris Nieslony (German), Waldemar Tatatchuk and Janusz Baldyga (Poland), Lee Wen (Singapore), Seiji Shimoda (Japan), Aor Nopawan (Thailand) and he is now one of the disciples of Melati Suryodarmo in his performance art practice in Solo, Indonesia.

Caniago is known as a performance artist concerned with activism and social realism in public space. he has done interventions and site-specific projects fostering an art that could blend in with society, entering conflicted spaces creatively and working with communities to repair the damaged environment through art. often asking public participation, he invites his audiences to actively get involved in the process of his art making, installations, and durational performances.

well known for his participation in group exhibitions and performance art events both locally and internationally, Alin was also one of the founders of an artist collective space in Bandung, Ruang Gerilya. this space functioned to provide a platform for experimental works and artists with an interest in the process, strong research, and a unique method, as well as holding discussions, artist talks and workshops. Alin has also received the 4th Bazaar Art Award Jakarta 2011, Indonesia, Top Honor Indonesian Art Award in Jakarta 2015, Indonesia and The Winner of Bandung Contemporary Art Award 2015, Bandung, Indonesia.

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