Hanoi artist Nguyen Dinh Phương’s performance took place in the MoT+++ office space, which was left exactly as it was after a full day of work as requested by the artist. The audience was invited to occupy available spaces and Phương set up floor fans at either end of the crowded room.

Pointing the fans upwards, he threw handfuls of seedpods in front of them, sending them briefly up into the air before dropping to the floor. He was joined in his task by some of the audience, including a number of children, who gleefully delighted in throwing the seed pods all over the place.

Collected in public park in Ho Chi Minh City, the seedpods are characterized by their two “wings,” which enable them to slowly flutter to the ground with a spiralling action; sometimes these falling seeds will gently knock you on the head as you walk past, and hence the performance can be read as a gentle but insistent reminder that we are (or should be) connected to nature, as well as a playful disruption of a putatively utilitarian space.

This performance was part of Big Day of Performances | Happy Birthday Bill

Location: Ground floor, Saigon Domaine, 1057 Bình Quới, Ward 28, Bình Thạnh District, Saigon, Vietnam