MoT+++ hosted day 4 of the 2018 edition of Krossing Over Arts Festival.

Organised by Kerman in collaboration with The French Institute in Vietnam, the festival featured more than 20 interactive, multi-disciplinary performances mixing dance and other arts. Presented by artists from Vietnam, France and beyond, the day 4 program featured the following:

A Tale of Two Cities, 10 mins; Film by Linh Pham and Nick Fernandez
The relentless march of time sees communities rise and fall. Progress and development seem like a given, but despite the proof of history, humans forget that any civilization can fall. Thu Thiem is nestled on a bend in the Saigon river, facing the new, towering city centre—it was once bustling with the kind of street life for which Vietnam is famous—but it is now a ghost town. Few said she was beautiful but many called her home.

Tableaux, 12 mins; Film by Maïté Jeannolin, Charlotte Marchal
Inspired by a mystical ceremony, Tableaux, mainly shot in Morocco, is a contemporary re-appropriation of a rite of passage, a symbolical journey through the colors of a trance night. If the body is a vehicle that moves, it’s to move its environment, to embody the landscape.

ORE, 12 mins; Film by Kim-Sanh Châu, Ray Lavers
ORE is blue, gleaming, fragile and powerful. This screen-dance project, shot in Saigon (Vietnam), follows 11 dancers in this rich and chaotic city. Believing in a deep and visceral body language, Kim-Sanh Châu & Ray Lavers’s creation is intimate and assumes its own subjectivity. Their work is anchored within space, as well as rhythm. ORE is their second screen-dance shot in Vietnam, following Inner Smoke, which was awarded Best Direction 2017 by Festival Quartiers Danses – Cinémathèque Québécoise (Canada).

Cities & Eyes: Valdrada 15 mins; Performance by Nhung Hong Vo, Florian Nguyen, and five dancers
Cities & Eyes: Valdrada is divided into two chapters: the first part describes a city constructed on the shores of a lake, whose houses and streets face towards the water; the second part conceptualizes the mirror image of that city beneath the surface and how they both coexist and reflect the other but still retain their individual stories.


Location: Ground floor, Saigon Domaine, 1057 Bình Quới, Ward 28, Bình Thạnh District, Saigon, Vietnam

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