Multimedia artist Đào Tùng is traveling to Los Angeles to join Artist Residency at 18th Street Arts Center from Oct 2 – Oct 30, 2017. Tung is the first artist chosen by Baik Art in the Artist Exchange Program collaborated between MoT+++ and Baik Art. This is what he shares with 18th Street Art Center when joining their residency program.

‘I was born and grew up in Vietnam at a time when my country has been in the process of integrating with the world after a devastating war. Confusion and distrust between new and old values has been the story of my generation.

My artworks are concerned with urban society, political issues, and identity. I tend to use many kinds of art practice as materials to express my ideas.

I was raised in an well-known artist family. To escape from the influence of family, as a rebellious youth I studied Economics at University, even though I was not interested with it. At the same time, I founded a metal rock band. I began practicing experimental music as solo artist, and I often combined sound with contemporary choreography.

In 2010, two artists and I were sponsored by the Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF) in Vietnam to stage an experimental project. At the beginning of the project (we called it Erasable) I worked as music composer, but then I created an installation on stage. I became enamored with visual art and began to notice contemporary art.

In 2014, I collaborated on a project with an artist friend called Open Room, and CDEF also sponsored it for one year. It has been an annual periodic activity that introduced our newest works to the local art community in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, each year Open Room invites young artists living and working in Vietnam to join us. Our mission is to facilitate an exchange and discussion space for all artists on issues that affect our culture and art. In the future, the project will evolve to link together the personal studios of a network of artists to create a series of dynamic exhibition events. Open Room has continued for the past three years.”