howdy cowboy is a mixed story built from random fragments of happenings and experiences which are random – improvisation but in a whole create links from fragmentation and harsh regulations that nature and human has framed on each other.

Coming to Ho Chi Minh City, Mat puts his reluctant steps in the traffic and also has them footprinted on works he creates inspired by his sense of the smell the speed the heat of this city. From his endless short time conversations with the people, past, present along with the link of reality and vagueness started to grow. The experimental works of his polish the window bar frame he bought from the junk yard and make them the new halo; the luxury of Queen Mary and the whale take their surfs with the magical orange pottery shines and plastic buckle. We see the whole poetic sultry skyline in his bonsai series that comes with objects in elastic rubber ropes and serially bended metal bars.

With the same look on nature and human pressure, Đào Tùng uses video language to speak on behalf of the ant the bamboo stick and the circle of shadow. The fierce punishment that the stick puts on the little ant smells like a metaphorical hand of power. Are we the human or the ant? Are we the stick or the hand with the rod? Are we all those in our own circle of darkness?

Đức once again brings his boring oldies narrated to the viewer. His dreamy memories about ice cream sticks of wish and out of expiry date sweetened condensed milk is told with the arid materials and confusing scary visuals. The ugly construction bricks are used by Duc to make a rectangle and with falling apart words from the U.S, Ohio State, Kent and a person named Jeffrey Miller. Duc covers them sweet with his pink dreams, brand new Ông Thọ condensed milk cans and Thuỷ Tạ ice cream. Nor he forgot to put a flower upon all, along with an old song. Where have all the flowers gone?

howdy cowboy is inaugurated by San Art.

Artists: Matt Logan, Tran Minh Đức, Dao Duy Tung

Location: 103 Dong Khoi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City