First comes drawing. Drawings in caves dating back to prehistory mark our earliest experiences as humans and within the span of our own lives, it is often the ability to communicate through the drawn image that develops before articulate speech. And as adults, it is the drawings that first record Galileo’s observations of Saturn and within the spaces of imagination and story, drawings have the ability to visualize the most fantastical concepts. The adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” speaks to the power
of the image as a primary language.

Drawing is often the first mark and impulse after the thought. It is also marks the beginning of a process whereby the artist is able to hone and refine their concepts. Like the house that Matisse speaks of, it is the foundation upon which the work is built.

In this exhibition, we look to five artists who take very different approaches to drawing both in intent, material, and content. Their relation to the creative process will be traced through finished drawings that co-exist with sketches, prints, and installations. The work begins with the drawing, both for the featured artists and the inaugural opening of our space.

Artists: Lys Bui, Hoang Nam Viet, Sandrine Llouquet, Ayano Otani, Mai Thi Tran

Location: 103 Dong Khoi, Distrist 1, Ho Chi Minh City